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About Us

The Moon Boutique Hotel Cat Ba is an elegantly luxurious hotel owned by Cat Ba Ventures. It was designed with contemporary artistic style. Bring the moon, ocean and fisherman culture into the interior space. 

"Fly me to the moon" is the desire of many dreamers, cherished to touch the mysterious moonlight. At The Moon Boutique Hotel Cat Ba, under the hands of KGM and 361 Studio architects, that dream comes true: The moon has turned into a living and peaceful entity for beauty lovers to enjoy.

With only 2 main color tones: white and blue, and playing with light and skillful materials, KGM and 361 Studio architects have made visitors feel as if they were lost in the moon, walking in the sea - a A completely different adventure experience.

Located at 04 Nui Ngoc Street, in the heart of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam, it offers 15 rooms across 11 floors (4 deluxe family rooms, 4 deluxe twin rooms, 4 deluxe double rooms, 3 The Moon suite with bay view rooms). All rooms with good design, comfortable, quiet with big - soundproof windows. Along with a rooftop cafe with bay view and mountain view. Its prime location allows easy access, being just one minute walk from the central ferry terminal, and within 5-7 minutes' walk from Cat Co beaches 1, 2, and 3. Cannon Fort is 500m away, Cai Beo tourist dock is 700m away.